Melissa Stieber

Melissa is a National Acadamy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and additionally is certified in Sivananda Yoga instruction. Her previous experience includes group weight lifting instruction for the City of Boulder as well as being a Johnny G. Spin instructor, both for the last five years. She has been a High School athletics instructor since 2000. Her continuing education has been guided directly by Sam Iannetta for the past 2 years, who has taught her ways to perform both analysis and correction of many structural problems.

Eleven years ago, she lost over 30 lbs. and kept it off through bicycle racing, weight training, Kung Fu, and rowing crew. Her enthusiasm, combined with her ability to effectively communicate the concepts behind NASM methods of training, give her the tools to help her clients reach their goals.

Melissa is available for Personal Training and Yoga classes at Sam Iannetta's Functional Fitness.